true blue

What is the True Blue Challenge?
Reunion classes will compete to earn recognition in two categories: Highest Total Giving and Highest Giving Participation. The winning classes will be honored during Homecoming Weekend 2016 and invited to a reception with LTU’s President to acknowledge their achievements. The True Blue Challenge competition is an opportunity for your class to make history and have your class name engraved on a plaque, which will be displayed in the Buell Management Building for all current and future alumni to see!

Why should I participate?
Reunion provides an opportunity to show your appreciation for the experiences you had as a student at Lawrence Tech and to make those experiences available to current and future generations of students. Many alumni reaffirm their loyalty to LTU by making “spike” gifts (larger than normal), and those who have never given, or give infrequently, may be motivated to participate as part of the celebration and competition. 

The experience you had at Lawrence Tech was supported, in part, by donations from alumni, parents, faculty/staff, and friends. Your participation, and the participation of each of your classmates, is essential to the success of the University. 

When should I make my gift?
All gifts and pledge payments made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 will be counted.

What if I can’t make a significant gift?
Participation is just as important as the amount that an individual gives—if not more important! You may feel that, because you can’t afford a “significant” gift, that the University doesn’t need your support. But a gift is made meaningful by the spirit—not the amount—in which it’s made. No matter the size, every donation helps increase your class’s chance to win.

Matching gifts are also an easy way to add value to your donation. Many corporations sponsor matching gift contributions made to institutions of higher education.  Corporate matching gifts provide the opportunity to double (and sometimes even triple) gifts to Lawrence Tech.  Some companies also match gifts made by spouses and retirees. Check if your employer or your spouse’s employer participates in a matching gift program. You can also visit to search our database of eligible employers. 

Do I have to donate to the Annual Fund?
The LTU Annual Fund, comprised of unrestricted gifts, allows Lawrence Tech to use the money where the need is greatest, from laboratory equipment to student scholarships and everything in between. Gifts to the Annual Fund impact all areas of campus and help strengthen the value of your LTU degree. The Annual Fund supports five primary areas of the University: 

Tuition and endowment income cover only a part of what the University needs each year to operate. This gap is covered by gifts to the Annual Fund. 

The University also recognizes that some donors like to restrict their gifts to departments, programs, or teams that had meaning in their LTU experience. While the focus is to increase giving to the Annual Fund, gifts to all designations will be counted. You are encouraged to support the area of campus that is most meaningful to you.