The 2014-15 Faculty and Staff Campaign

Homecoming 2011

Each year, the Faculty and Staff Campaign provides significant benefits to all members of the Lawrence Tech community through thoughtful philanthropic participation from the University’s employees. As part of Lawrence Tech’s overall development strategy, the Faculty and Staff Campaign delivers a solid level of support for the University and provides critical dollars for operations and other needs that would otherwise go unmet. The Campaign helps to fund program development, scholarships, faculty initiatives and other activities that that foster excellence in education, teaching, research and service. The annual Campaign – and your support – are absolute necessities.

Why we should give
Although important, participating in the LTU Faculty and Staff Campaign is a personal decision. Whether to give, how much, and in support of which cause are your choices. However you decide, understand that Lawrence Tech’s list of worthy causes is lengthy, and so is the list of reasons why we give. We give because we support students. We give because we want to see Lawrence Tech build on its success. We give because we know that the Faculty and Staff Campaign is an important part of helping the University to achieve its goals. Stated simply, we give because we care.