Just join in!

Founded in 1938, the Lawrence Technological University Alumni Association (LTUAA) is your network for lifelong connections with the University. The LTUAA, with its member-elected officers and directors, provides and active channel of involvement that can serve your personal and professional needs at any stage in your life. Just as important, your active participation in the LTUAA serves Lawrence Tech’s mission, supports the services it provides current students and the larger community, and strengthens the institution’s future.

Your LTUAA does not charge membership dues. Instead, it focuses on offering a broad range of services and social and educational opportunities for members. As a graduate of LTU, you automatically are a member of the Association. You need not do anything to join. Just join in!

For more information about your LTU Alumni Association, or to about how you can join in to make a difference, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 248.204.2309 or email alumni@ltu.edu.


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