The "Ray" Award

The "Ray" award was established to recognize the leadership and service of alumni volunteers at the University.  The namesake of this award is Raymond L. Moy, ChE'43, who received the first award in 1997.

Alumni volunteers are vital to the success of Lawrence Tech and the "Ray" was created to honor and thank these individuals.  The name symbolizes the rays from the sun, representing its great energy, life force, and hope for the future which sustains all of us, and it is no coincidence that the "Ray" is named for a man who embodied each of these characteristics.  Ray Moy gave years of tireless service and devotion to Lawrence Tech.  Ray was a leader of the University's STARS program, where he criss-crossed the state of Georgia to identify and inform potential students about opportunities at Lawrence Tech. He also established a special scholarship for local students to attend the University. 

          1997 -- Mr. Ray Moy, ChE'43*

           1998 -- Dr. William A. Moylan, BSCE'74

            1999 -- Mr. Edward J. Donley, BME'43, HD'76, HD'87

            2002 -- Mr. Hurst E. Wulf, BSME'41*

             2003 -- Mr. James P. Ryan, AIA, BSArE'66

                2004 -- Mrs. Kimberly A. Ziomek-Matte, MBA'95

             2005 -- Mr. John R. Fawcett, BSME'43*

             2006 -- Mr. Howard L. Weber, BSME'51*

            2007 -- Mr. Steven A. Gadzinski, BSEE'76

            2009 -- Mr. Roger E. Avie, BSIM'68

           2010 -- Mr. Michael G. Zulinski, BSIM'74

           2011 -- Mr. William J. Schultz, Jr., BSCE'81


            2012 -- Mr. Derek Richmond, BSME'97