More Reasons to Give

Homecoming 2011

We are a big part of something special
In deciding to participate, we should remember that we work at an institution recognized for excellence by US News and World Report, the Princeton Review, the Carnegie Foundation and many others.  The work that we do ultimately serves LTU students, who are among the best and the brightest in the nation. We help them to enter the workforce ready to make contributions to their fields and the global society. We all should take pride and find purpose in supporting their bright minds. Through our work, each of us is part of something special.

We can help to “bridge the gap”
Also remember that LTU is a private, not for profit institution that relies heavily on revenue from tuition. However, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a Lawrence Tech education. The University needs the support of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations; the university needs the support of its faculty and staff. Our donations to this year’s Faculty and Staff Campaign ensure that LTU has the resources that it needs to continue helping students in all phases of their education, whether they are just beginning college, need help remaining in school, or need help finding the next big thing after graduation.  Our donations will help to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of instruction at Lawrence Tech.

We can have a far-reaching impact
Beyond the financial impact of our generosity, our charitable contributions show clearly that we believe in our mission and are confident in our success. Just as important, our contributions send a compelling message to alumni, friends, corporations and foundations, who may be considering an investment in our achievements. In fact, many funding sources assess faculty and staff giving when evaluating funding and grant requests. The more we give, the better our chances of getting additional dollars from outside sources. By contributing to Lawrence Tech, we are not only helping our students, we are strengthening our entire university community.