Dear Colleagues:

It is a great time to be at Lawrence Technological University! Our 2013-14 Faculty and Staff Campaign will soon be underway, and chaired by LTU’s tireless President Emeritus Dr. Richard Marburger.

Last year, thanks to your and my contributions, we raised more than $125,000 in gifts and pledges. This year, we are setting an ambitious goal of $175,000. Based on all that we have achieved in our 81-year history, I am convinced that we – working together – can reach our campaign goal.  Because I believe in our cause, I am pleased to continue my financial support of Lawrence Tech by making another contribution toward the Faculty and Staff Campaign. I hope that our entire faculty and staff community will follow my example.

Our campaign theme for 2013-14, “We…,” makes a simple, yet bold, statement about who we are, where we are going, and how we will get there. “We…” puts in to practice the important principles of togetherness and teamwork, which are woven into the fabric of life at LTU. Most important, “We…” exemplifies the important role that each of us play in making sure that our university keeps moving forward.

Lawrence Tech is one of the nation’s premier schools in engineering, architecture, science, management and applied technology. The work that we do every day helps give students a leading edge over their competition. With your continued hard work and support, the best is yet to come. “We…” will help invigorate our competitive athletics program to make our campus more attractive to prospective students. “We…” will aid the upgrading of LTU’s facilities and infrastructure so that we can serve our students better. “We…” will help to increase our endowment, which is used to fund student scholarships, augment courses and support other university initiatives. “We…” can make Lawrence Tech better than ever.

LTU has greatly benefitted from your generous support during recent Faculty and Staff Campaigns. Since 2006, we have given more than $1 million to Lawrence Tech, much of it during difficult economic times. I believe that Lawrence Tech can count on you again this year. Together, we can make a forceful declaration about just how much we believe in ourselves, our university, and our students, and about the value of the work we do every day.  I am confident that “We…” and our students can count on you.

Thank you for your generosity and your teamwork.

Virinder K. Moudgil